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All Your Home Water Needs
My family's promise to your family

As a mother and home owner, I know what plumbing means to me. It's not about pipes and
wrenches. It's about warmth - plenty of warm water, when I need it for my children's baths, for
clean dishes and fresh clothes. And, finally, when there's time for me, enough warm water for my
escape in the bath. It's about soft water for snuggly PJs, and spotless glasses that I'm proud to set
out for my guests. It's about clean sinks and drains that just work, so I can keep a fresh-smelling
home. And it's about ensuring that my family gets tap water that is safe, healthy and delicious.
As a business woman, I know the kind of plumbing company I want to work with. There when I
need them, for all my home water needs. And always clean, courteous, capable and caring. That's
the WJ Maloney Plumbing promise we make to you, the one we deliver on every day.
Whether you need your plumbing repaired fast - or you want to remodel your kitchen - you'll
find us to be the plumber for all reasons. And you'll find all the information you need in these
pages. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.
We look forward to being of service to you.

Kathryn Maloney-Langmade
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